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The Most Sought-After Energy Jobs in 2024

Are you about to graduate trade school, CDL school, or vocational school in Connecticut? You may be wondering what’s next for you in terms of your career after you finish your program, and that’s completely understandable—but did you know that there’s an industry that’s looking to hire smart, hardworking people like you for a variety […]


High Earning Jobs in the Connecticut Energy Industry: Service Technician

The energy industry is filled with opportunities for entry-level job seekers, and energy service technicians are currently in high demand. Set yourself up for success with competitive starting salaries, great work hours, high earning potential, and plentiful opportunities for upward advancement when you secure your entry-level job as an energy service tech with the help […]


Holiday Heroes: Connecticut Fuel & HVAC Employees Meet the Season’s Energy Needs

Have you ever wondered who is keeping our communities running during the holiday and winter festivities? This winter, while some may be staying in from the cold, our CT HVAC service technicians and fuel delivery drivers are providing energy to us. If you’re looking for a reliable, exciting career in the energy industry, keep reading […]