High Earning Jobs in the Connecticut Energy Industry: Service Technician

The energy industry is filled with opportunities for entry-level job seekers, and energy service technicians are currently in high demand. Set yourself up for success with competitive starting salaries, great work hours, high earning potential, and plentiful opportunities for upward advancement when you secure your entry-level job as an energy service tech with the help of Generation NEXT Energy Pros. You heard us right! Instead of spending years scraping by with low wages to gain work experience, recent trade school graduates are eligible to take on rewarding, high-earning positions as service technicians in the energy industry right away! Keep reading to learn about service technician training, compensation, and work duties to see if this energy career route is the right path for you!

Training is More Affordable Than Pursuing a Traditional 4-Year Degree

One of the biggest problems facing the incoming workforce today is crushing student loan debt and low starting salaries for entry-level positions. Luckily, the energy industry offers job seekers a way to circumvent these troublesome financial hurdles with affordable training and excellent starting salaries. Simply put, training to become an HVAC energy service technician is a much more affordable alternative to pursuing a 4-year university degree. In addition to being a highly in-demand, entry-level job with competitive compensation, energy service techs will be able to step foot into their careers with less debt and incredible job security. The high starting salaries in this career will jump-start your financial security after your graduation from technical school.

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Earn a High Salary in a Position That Works for You

Some of the most noteworthy perks of becoming an HVAC energy service technician in Connecticut are the competitive salary and future earning potential that come along with this position. After all, a high starting salary doesn’t mean there’s any less opportunity to advance in your career. In fact, there’s always room for growth in the energy industry. Service technicians have a unique opportunity to advance to supervisor and service manager positions as well as aim even higher to reach their ultimate career goals.

Should You Consider a Service Tech Career in the Connecticut Energy Industry?

If setting yourself up to make more money with less debt when you enter the energy workforce sounds intriguing, then becoming a service technician might be the perfect career move for you to strive for. Here’s a couple questions to ask yourself to determine if an HVAC service technician career is right for you:

  • Are you technologically inclined?
  • Interested in a high paying job?
  • Want a job that doesn’t have you sitting in an office cubicle all day?
  • Desire meaningful, fulfilling work?
  • Needing the work-life balance that comes with a regular 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. schedule or similar hours?
  • Do you like the idea of working for locally-owned companies with a family-like atmosphere?
  • Need great job security/an essential position that is both recession and pandemic-proof?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, a service technician career in the energy industry is sure to be an excellent fit for your ideal work environment.

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If an energy service technician career sparks your interest, begin by creating a FREE GeneratioNext Energy Pros profile to start connecting with local employers in your state today and browsing your area’s job listings. This career route will provide a stable financial future so that you can feel confident pursuing a job you’re passionate about. Rest assured that a career in the energy industry means a secure and stable future for you. Check out our free resources and learn about career opportunities in the industry today.