Join an Industry That Makes a Difference in CT

Connecticut homeowners and business owners alike need a reliable source of power to fuel their comfort and safety. How would it feel if you knew you were the person who could supply it for them? The energy industry is an excellent career trajectory for students, graduates, and energy professionals in the Constitution State! Here are four reasons why the industry matters so much to local residents, business owners, and energy company employees, too.

4 Standout Reasons the Energy Industry Matters in CT

You Will Work for an Essential Business

One great fact about the energy industry in Connecticut is that the government considers it an essential business (because it is!). This means that you’ll feel great knowing that whatever trials come our way, you’ll have a job and a paycheck to continue to support the needs of your family.

You’re Taking Care of Your CT Community

You’ll be the hero of the season when you show up at a customer’s home to make a heating fuel delivery or fix their broken HVAC equipment. Home comfort depends on the knowledge and expertise of service techs in the industry, and being a part of that is ultra-rewarding.

You Have Security in a Renewable Energy Landscape

As times change, certain jobs are being replaced by automation, abolished in favor of newer technologies. Fortunately for fuel oil delivery employees, cleaner energy blends are being developed as we speak and will continue to be delivered by local Connecticut businesses for decades to come.

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You’ll Unlock Ample Career Flexibility

Forget being stuck in a dead-end job with no promotion opportunity in sight. In the energy field, you have a flexible career that can go in a variety of directions depending on your interest and availability. Apprentices can develop into HVAC service technicians, delivery drivers can start small and grow their routes with experience, and customer service team members could develop into salespeople. No matter where your interests lie, the energy industry in CT has a suitable job position for you to fill.

Curious about Starting a Career in the Energy Industry in CT?

Generation NEXT Energy Pros connects Connecticut applicants with local energy companies looking for new hands to join their team. Whether you’re right out of tech school or have had your CDL for years, create a free applicant profile to start connecting with hiring companies near you. When you’re receiving your first energy paycheck, you’ll be glad you took the time to create your account!