The Bioheat® Fuel & HVAC Industry Has a Place in a Renewable Future

Climate change is on the forefront of many minds these days. Local legislators in Connecticut and beyond are taking major steps to help curb increasing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, causing the energy industry’s workforce to wonder how policy changes could affect their career paths. The good news is that Bioheat® fuel oil blends continue to offer job security even in a renewable energy landscape.


Important Facts about Bioheat® Fuel Industry Jobs

Bioheat® Fuel Jobs Are Available & Secure

Bioheat® fuel blends incorporate ultra-low sulfur fuel as well as biodiesel, a recycled by-product of local farms and agricultural facilities. This means that up to 20% of your Bioheat® fuel is repurposed from products that would otherwise be discarded as waste. Bioheat® fuel jobs have always been a reliable career choice, but the industry’s dependability has truly shone in the past year. Jobs considered essential by the government will always be a consideration moving forward for those entering the workforce, especially after seeing firsthand the hardship and struggles that “nonessential” employees faced in 2020.

Bioheat® Fuel Jobs Will Continue to Be in Demand

Bioheat® fuel is making strides to replace the traditional oil industry, as its carbon footprint and emission output are considerably lower than older blends. Plus, many homeowners, business owners, and entire jurisdictions have been using this type of infrastructure for years and will continue to use it in the future.

Climate Change Solutions Will Require Bioheat® Fuel

Many people think about what needs to be subtracted from the equation for carbon reduction, but few consider what needs to be added. High-efficiency, low-emission fuels will need to be incorporated to cover the lapse in high-emission fuels when they are removed from production. Bioheat® fuel fits the bill and is ready to step in wherever it is needed.

Join the Industry through Generation NEXT Energy Pros

Connecticut and other states in the Northeast have a goal to go carbon-free by 2050, which involves increasing biodiesel percentages over time. As the awareness and popularity of Bioheat® fuel increases, more employees will be needed to support the industry and provide supply to match the demand from Connecticut consumers. Generation NEXT Energy Pros is here to help qualified applicants find lasting careers in the Bioheat® fuel and HVAC industry. You can reach out to them, they can reach out to you, and together you can begin a professional relationship that could last a lifetime—which is how long Bioheat® fuel will be around to support you.