Tips for Job Interviews and Networking from Home

Due to circumstances caused by COVID-19, so many aspects of “regular” life have transitioned to the Internet. Buying groceries, taking classes, spending time with friends—almost all of it is virtual, including job interviews. Whether you are looking for a full-time position after graduation or a summer internship between semesters, odds are you will be doing interviews by video conference or phone. We know that interviewing can be nerve-racking no matter how it’s done, so we’ve put together some tips for technical school graduates and students to prep for online and phone interviews.

5 Ways to Ace Your Interview for an HVAC or Bioheat® Job in Connecticut

  • Test the technology
    If you are having a virtual interview, it is very important to test out the technology beforehand. Make sure you have the right program (like Zoom, WebEx, or Skype) and do a trial run with a friend or family member. Adjust settings like your camera and microphone access to avoid any surprise tech issues. Doing a phone interview? Charge your cell phone the night before and make sure you’re in a location with great service of Wi-Fi so your interviewer can hear you clearly.
  • Set up your space
    If you’ve used Zoom to connect with family or attend online classes, you might have seen a background malfunction or two. Don’t forget that your interviewer will be seeing you and the general space behind you! Choose a space in your house that is quiet, well lit, and with few things in the background. If you don’t have the perfect space with a blank wall, use your best judgment. Framed family photos or décor in the background is fine, but a pile of laundry, not so much!
  • Dress for success
    What you wear for your virtual interview is just as important as what you would wear for an in-person interview. Pick something professional, but comfortable. It’s a good idea to go with an appropriate outfit you’ve worn before so that you feel confident and at ease. If you’re doing an interview over the phone, you should still dress as if your interviewer can see you. It will get you in the mindset to ace your interview.
  • Come with questions
    This is a tried-and-true tip for having a successful interview. Prepare a few questions beforehand about the position and the company. You will likely come up with a few as the interview goes on, but it’s very helpful to have a few prepared just in case. At the end of the interview, asking questions will show your interviewer that you are engaged and can re-open the discussion to help you make a great impression.
  • Practice!
    Does the thought of going on an interview in person, virtually, or by phone make you nervous? Us, too! Preparing with the above tips will help to ease your jitters, but it’s also a good idea to practice. Ask a roommate, a parent, or a teacher to practice with you, or practice on your own. Run through the essentials, like your qualifications, your interest in the position, and your applicable experience.

If you are on the job hunt, the first step is making sure that local HVAC and Bioheat® employers can find you. Upload your resume to Generation NEXT Energy Pros and start connecting with companies in your area.