Connecticut Energy Marketers Association

Connecting technical students and energy professionals with local Bioheat® and HVAC companies. Local CT employers can search for applicants, and applicants can reach out to potential employers for career and internship opportunities.

Generation NEXT for Connecticut


Upstate New York Energy Association

An online platform that helps local Upstate New York heating oil and HVAC companies find viable candidates for career and internship opportunities in the area. Students and energy professionals can search for potential employers.

Coming Soon

Fueling the Future of the Oil Industry

Generation NEXT Energy Pros connects technical students and energy professionals with prospective employers in their area. Here, local heating oil and energy providers can search for prospective candidates for internship and career opportunities. Technical students and energy professionals can search for local companies and learn more about the positions that they offer. Our goal is simple: to expand and support the next generation of workforce in the oil and energy industry.

Don't See Your State or Association?

Contact us to inquire about creating a Generation NEXT Energy Pros program for your energy association or state.